We Look for Commitments

verimedia engages the media

Given the important role of our media as an important pillar of a democratic society, verimedia wants to engage with as many journalists and media organizations as possible. We would like to encourage them to embrace their importance in the public decision-making process, instill the right sense of responsibility, and their support in making our manifesto and reviews as good, fair and meaningful as possible.

A push for news foundations with mixed revenue models

With very few exceptions, producing good journalism while making profits consistently are becoming mutually exclusive. We therefore encourage media institutions to reorganize in the form of foundations, establishing a mixed revenue model built on subscriptions, advertising revenue and donations. This reality also needs to be communicated in a way that a broad audience understands that the necessary information supporting our democratic decision-making comes at a price.

How to commit to the manifesto?

Committing to the verimedia manifesto is easy. By signing up at the bottom of our page, individual journalists can agree to commit to the verimedia manifesto in their future work. The same applies to entire news organizations. The consequences are that we will emphasize those sources with a commitment when labeling and reviewing news, demonstrating that they are striving to provide the journalism we need. There are no further requirements for a commitment, and no cost associated with it.

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